The Cyclical Nature of Creating Chimeras

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  • January 25, 2017
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As you know, Bob — unless you’re new and haven’t known me for years, which is a lot of you, so.

As you might not know, Bob, my Chimera Fancies pendants started with a manic phase and some very old fairy tale books that were falling apart. I had the idea to start cutting them up and making something else out of them. So I cut out lots of random words and phrases and got some ceramic pendants and with paint and glue and glitter I made some jewelry with weird little poems. And I found it extremely therapeutic for my particular brand of brain illnesses.

Then I started selling them and people liked them and it was awesome. I quit for a couple of years due to depression and now I’m so pleased to be doing them again, only I think my glass ones are ever so much prettier and more evolved than the early pieces.

I mostly use very old, ratty books that I’ve found at sales, that people have given me to cut up, or that used book stores are just about to pull and dispose of. I’ve also used ARCs of new books — I used to do fan material for Seanan McGuire and I LOVED doing the jewelry for Welcome to Bordertown when they revived that universe.

I’m going to be doing some stuff that’s not from old books, because I have a few specific words I want to do, but I’m still recycling. I’m finding my old binders of words are going stale for me, so for the past week I’ve been chopping up some of our tattiest, most trashed novels that we’ve been planning to replace anyway.

I love recycling books, because throwing them away when they are worn out feels sacrilegious.

And I am considering whether or not I want to do more fan pieces. I’m thinking maybe some retro fan pieces for authors no longer with us. I have an Angela Carter that’s about ready to go…

We’ll see!

As ever,