Kate & Andrew Bernheimer, Fairy Tale Architecture

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  • January 12, 2017
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The Bernheimer siblings, with Kate writing and Andrew designing, have curated and presented a magical portfolio of structural designs reflecting fairy tale architecture. Here at the Hut, we’re particularly blissed out by The Seven Ravens, pictured above, and unashamedly partial to The House On Chicken Feet (and Kate’s sensitive analysis of the Baba Yaga figure). The architects drafted for this project present an array of cultural perspectives and stylistic signatures, producing a thoughtful and startlingly beautiful collection that illustrates our complex relationship with the structures we dream up and build, both concretely and in fantasy. View the entire collection, and make sure to read Kate’s wonderful exploratory prose of each design, over at Places Journal. Also, don’t miss the insightful interview with the creative duo toward the front of the gallery to understand more about this fantastic project.