Velvet Clay Studio’s Demiurgus Dreams, Fantasy Sculptures & Art

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  • January 23, 2017
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Demiurgus Dreams is a longtime love of ours, and Evgeny & Co. at Velvet Clay Studio only continue to delight and inspire with their beautifully crafted fantasy creatures. We recently purchased one of these little rabbity darlings for the Hut and will definitely be adding to our collection of small wonders posthaste . If you can imagine it on four paws or scaled wings, these artists have likely already fashioned it into a tiny and exquisite velvet clay talisman for your altar, shrine, or shelf.   The full-sized sculptures are not to be missed; have a glance at Evgeny’s original Llaumer character – part fox, part deer, part griffon, and three-parts enchanted dreaming.  As of late, the shop has expanded to encompass bronze pendants and paintings, and will even give you a glimpse into their magic via their thorough tutorials and signature texture molds. Visit them at Etsy to see their entire collection and learn more about this imaginative and hardworking Russian studio.