beyoncé births the sun

  • BYH
  • February 13, 2017
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While packaging orders and tying ribbons last night, we were fortunate enough to catch Beyoncé’s stunning performance at the 2017 Grammys. There was more magick and witchery glittering on that stage than we’ve seen since — well, since Lemonade. Materializing as the golden goddess Oshun, heavily ripe with expectant motherhood, Bey presented an overwhelming feast of long-suppressed African religious symbolism, magnificence in performance artistry, and perfectly crafted yet still vulnerable music exploring her most intimate pains and triumphs. Beyoncé’s ongoing illustrations of Yoruba imagery, maternal power, and female energy are giving us life with every new appearance, particularly in these very dark times when white male supremacy has re-tightened its grasp on our collective throats. While her art is not made for us here at the Hut – it is explicitly and intentionally made by a Black woman for Black women – we feel privileged to witness the ways she continues to shape her culture and the face of American music. Count us in as members of the BeyHive, and long live the queen.