notes on the new lines

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  • February 8, 2017
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Hello, lovelies. Firstly, thank you for your business and attention over these last chaotic months while we’ve taken our first steps as an official shop. We want to alert you that all profits from the Manifest line are earmarked for the ACLU this month. With all of the threats for representation and civil liberties raging around us, it’s our small way of trying to stem the tide while still struggling to establish our little business. Proofs-of-donation are always enclosed with any purchases from the donation collections.

Yaga launched her Talismans line this month with the introduction of faery rings. We are shipping these with supplies of Renaissance wax to keep them lustrous and protect against oxidation. Currently, the rings can be sized comfortably from approximately a US 6 to a US 9. We’re working hard to source larger and smaller sizes for the future. As well, Chimeras can now be purchased either singly or with the addition of an 18″ color-coordinated anodized aluminum chain.

Yaga will be blogging soon to talk more about using affordable metals, the joys of Ren wax, and current works in progress.

First-time buyers are welcome to take 10% off their first bauble purchase with the coupon code INITIATE, which can be entered at checkout. As always, we’re here to answer questions or discuss our merchandise, and the kettle’s always on.