Hut News: Cheaper Shipping, New Clearance Section, and More

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  • July 9, 2017
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Happy Sunday, sweethearts! We’ve made a few changes at the Hut as we look to grow the shop’s offering of Yaga’s pagan jewelry and accessories, and build our customer base. Due to finding more affordable and dependable sources for certain supplies, we’ve been able to make the following changes that will hopefully bring you a degree of joy!

1. All pendants now come complete with chains or suede cords. We’re currently testing to see which option proves more popular with our customers; we may also simply end up letting you decide for yourself!

2. Shipping prices have been drastically reduced. All orders will still be shipped by 2- or 3-day Priority within the U.S. and by First Class internationally, but your cost is now $3 and $7 respectively. Loveday has found a much more affordable method of accessing USPS shipping so we can pass those savings on happily.

3. We will no longer be offering the Manifest jewelry line as our charitable giving option. Instead, we’re going to simplify the entire giving process and pigeonhole a certain amount of our overall profits each month for selected organizations. You’ll be kept in the loop as always and we’ll be happy to provide copies of our donation receipts to anyone who asks.

4. Along with our other efforts to make the site faster to load and easier to navigate, we now have a Clearance sale section! After some review of our sales and feedback from you, we realize there are many folks who would love to own a BYH piece but simply cannot afford retail prices. We also wanted a place to offer remainders of specialized lines as we move new merchandise in. Right now, it contains the last of Yaga’s nonbinary/genderfree line and a few other overlooked treats at reduced prices.

That’s it for now. As always, we appreciate every single one of you.