October 10, 2017

Samhain Approaches!

Hello, lovelies! Just a quick update to let you know we’re still around and still in business. It’s been quiet around the Hut, as we’re processing the occasional orders and brainstorming new ways to bring you exciting accessories and jewelry that you won’t be able to resist. We’ve also added a new familiar — Laird Duncan the Smol — and Loveday has a new job that she loves. Never a dull moment! The Oregon skies are growing dark and rainy, however, and the nights grow longer… the witching hour cometh.

In the meantime, do check out our Facebook, where we curate the best in pagan art, music, news, and other witchery for your viewing pleasure! As always, we’re available on Facebook, Twitter, or at for any questions, comments, or idle chit-chat.


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pagan jewelry

Happy Sunday, sweethearts! We’ve made a few changes at the Hut as we look to grow the shop’s offering of Yaga’s pagan jewelry and accessories, and build our customer base. Due to finding more affordable and dependable sources for certain supplies, we’ve been able to make the following changes that will hopefully bring you a degree of joy!

1. All pendants now come complete with chains or suede cords. We’re currently testing to see which option proves more popular with our customers; we may also simply end up letting you decide for yourself!

2. Shipping prices have been drastically reduced. All orders will still be shipped by 2- or 3-day Priority within the U.S. and by First Class internationally, but your cost is now $3 and $7 respectively. Loveday has found a much more affordable method of accessing USPS shipping so we can pass those savings on happily.

3. We will no longer be offering the Manifest jewelry line as our charitable giving option. Instead, we’re going to simplify the entire giving process and pigeonhole a certain amount of our overall profits each month for selected organizations. You’ll be kept in the loop as always and we’ll be happy to provide copies of our donation receipts to anyone who asks.

4. Along with our other efforts to make the site faster to load and easier to navigate, we now have a Clearance sale section! After some review of our sales and feedback from you, we realize there are many folks who would love to own a BYH piece but simply cannot afford retail prices. We also wanted a place to offer remainders of specialized lines as we move new merchandise in. Right now, it contains the last of Yaga’s nonbinary/genderfree line and a few other overlooked treats at reduced prices.

That’s it for now. As always, we appreciate every single one of you.

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Yaga has created an entire new line of Solstice Chimeras (now complete with chains) and launched a small prototype line of Chimera cuff bracelets!
June 20, 2017

solstice sale!

Summer is finally here and we’ve relaunched the Hut after an eventful Spring filled with change — we lost our beloved Magick familiar this Spring, and in his honor we fostered a lovely hound for a few weeks before sending her on to her forever home.

During our downtime, Yaga has created an entire new line of Chimeras (which now come complete with chains) and has launched a small prototype line of Chimera cuff bracelets. Our Manifest line this season features some favorites and is dedicated to the Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center in Portland, Oregon; Yaga is a longtime patron of SMYRC and we support the very important work they do every month and especially during Pride month.

Remember that all of our accessories ship – domestically or internationally – ready for gifting in our signature ribbon-tied boxes and we’ll include your notes and well wishes for no extra charge. Yaga is also always open to custom orders, collaborations, and short-run merch lines; please e-mail to inquire further about any custom work or special requests. Happy shopping, sweethearts — don’t forget, new shoppers are welcome to use the INITIATE coupon code for extra savings!

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Large assortment of BYH accessories on sale to welcome and thank our new lovelies! Combine with the INITIATE coupon code for extra savings!
February 23, 2017

welcome sale!

We’ve gained a lot of new followers and shoppers over the last month and we’re so glad you found your way to the Hut! Gather some firewood for Yaga, would you? While you’re at it, have a look at the wide assortment of rings, pendants, and necklaces now on sale as our thank you. New shoppers are welcome to use the INITIATE coupon code for extra savings! Yaga’s hard at work on the next set of new collections, while also working to source ever more dependable and affordable materials (including larger rings and bracelets) in order to pass the savings on to our lovelies. Remember that all of our accessories ship – domestically or internationally – ready for gifting in our signature ribbon-tied boxes and we’ll include your notes and well wishes for no extra charge. Yaga is also always open to custom orders, collaborations, and short-run merch lines; please e-mail to inquire further about any custom work or special requests. Happy shopping, beauties..

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Beyonce performs at the 2017 Grammys as Oshun.
February 13, 2017

beyoncé births the sun

While packaging orders and tying ribbons last night, we were fortunate enough to catch Beyoncé’s stunning performance at the 2017 Grammys. There was more magick and witchery glittering on that stage than we’ve seen since — well, since Lemonade. Materializing as the golden goddess Oshun, heavily ripe with expectant motherhood, Bey presented an overwhelming feast of long-suppressed African religious symbolism, magnificence in performance artistry, and perfectly crafted yet still vulnerable music exploring her most intimate pains and triumphs. Beyoncé’s ongoing illustrations of Yoruba imagery, maternal power, and female energy are giving us life with every new appearance, particularly in these very dark times when white male supremacy has re-tightened its grasp on our collective throats. While her art is not made for us here at the Hut – it is explicitly and intentionally made by a Black woman for Black women – we feel privileged to witness the ways she continues to shape her culture and the face of American music. Count us in as members of the BeyHive, and long live the queen.

Hut Sounds
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Notes on Yaga's new lines, jewelry for charity, the ACLU, first-time buyer discounts, and the sizes of faery rings.
February 8, 2017

notes on the new lines

Hello, lovelies. Firstly, thank you for your business and attention over these last chaotic months while we’ve taken our first steps as an official shop. We want to alert you that all profits from the Manifest line are earmarked for the ACLU this month. With all of the threats for representation and civil liberties raging around us, it’s our small way of trying to stem the tide while still struggling to establish our little business. Proofs-of-donation are always enclosed with any purchases from the donation collections.

Yaga launched her Talismans line this month with the introduction of faery rings. We are shipping these with supplies of Renaissance wax to keep them lustrous and protect against oxidation. Currently, the rings can be sized comfortably from approximately a US 6 to a US 9. We’re working hard to source larger and smaller sizes for the future. As well, Chimeras can now be purchased either singly or with the addition of an 18″ color-coordinated anodized aluminum chain.

Yaga will be blogging soon to talk more about using affordable metals, the joys of Ren wax, and current works in progress.

First-time buyers are welcome to take 10% off their first bauble purchase with the coupon code INITIATE, which can be entered at checkout. As always, we’re here to answer questions or discuss our merchandise, and the kettle’s always on.


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Evening, lovelies, just a bit of news for you tonight. The shop will be coming down Friday night (February 3rd) and relaunching Monday morning (February 6th) with all new lines and baubles, including nonbinary pronoun pendants and a new Representation line with profits earmarked for the ACLU. If there’s anything left in the shop you were waiting on, now’s the time to get them! After Friday evening, all that remains on the site goes back into Yaga’s cauldron. Don’t forget everything is still 30% off until Friday night, as well, with the UKRAINE-XMAS coupon. Yaga’s been hard at work on some beautiful new pieces – fairy rings! – and we hope you’ll be as pleased as we are with them.


As you know, Bob — unless you’re new and haven’t known me for years, which is a lot of you, so.

As you might not know, Bob, my Chimera Fancies pendants started with a manic phase and some very old fairy tale books that were falling apart. I had the idea to start cutting them up and making something else out of them. So I cut out lots of random words and phrases and got some ceramic pendants and with paint and glue and glitter I made some jewelry with weird little poems. And I found it extremely therapeutic for my particular brand of brain illnesses.

Then I started selling them and people liked them and it was awesome. I quit for a couple of years due to depression and now I’m so pleased to be doing them again, only I think my glass ones are ever so much prettier and more evolved than the early pieces.

I mostly use very old, ratty books that I’ve found at sales, that people have given me to cut up, or that used book stores are just about to pull and dispose of. I’ve also used ARCs of new books — I used to do fan material for Seanan McGuire and I LOVED doing the jewelry for Welcome to Bordertown when they revived that universe.

I’m going to be doing some stuff that’s not from old books, because I have a few specific words I want to do, but I’m still recycling. I’m finding my old binders of words are going stale for me, so for the past week I’ve been chopping up some of our tattiest, most trashed novels that we’ve been planning to replace anyway.

I love recycling books, because throwing them away when they are worn out feels sacrilegious.

And I am considering whether or not I want to do more fan pieces. I’m thinking maybe some retro fan pieces for authors no longer with us. I have an Angela Carter that’s about ready to go…

We’ll see!

As ever,


From Yaga's Desk