We ship only by Priority Mail within the US and by First Class Mail internationally. Domestic shipping and handling is 3.00 and international shipping is 7.00. All purchases are boxed ready for gifting in our signature boxes with tissue paper, ribbon-tied, and securely mailed.

We gladly accept returns for refund or repair within the first 90 days. Yaga will also happily repair any of her work after that time for a modest shop fee. Custom orders can only be returned due to defects in materials. Please e-mail us before returning any merchandise so we can prepare for your shipment.
Our jewelry is shipped ready for gift-giving occasions, and we're very happy to include handwritten cards at no extra cost. We will also provide individual packaging for multi-item orders if needed. Gift certificates of any amount, mailed to either the recipient's home or e-mail address, are always provided with no additional fee. Please e-mail us to enquire about these special requests.
Custom Designs
Yaga accepts custom orders as time and materials allow. Please contact us via e-mail or on Facebook with details about your design and Yaga will consult with you. For short-run collaborative work, charitable donations, and other inquiries please e-mail us.

Yaga's Vision

Yaga has been designing and creating original jewelry lines infused with poetry, witchery, and spiritual meaning for over two decades. Her work is rooted in a love of literature, magical thinking, and an appreciation for accessories that are both unique and made with quality craftsmanship and materials. The Chimera line began Yaga's rise in popularity; snippets from decaying books and other texts are painstakingly hand-painted and transformed into wearable stories and poems. All books used are in states of varying disrepair and neglect and are sourced from private collections. This elegant literary recycling is now combined with glass, bamboo, bronze, vintage pearls, Swarovski crystal beads, and other natural materials to form beautiful pieces fit for daytime or evening wear.

There is also a continuous running line of accessories created especially for charitable fundraising; funds from this line will be earmarked for a revolving selection of women's empowerment groups, racial equality organizations, animal rescue societies, and GLBT programs.

Proposals for custom work, artistic collaboration, charitable involvement, and bartering are always welcome. 

As for the name, our patron saint is Baba Yaga, in all of her many incarnations. Read more about her sometime, she's a treat. 

The Yaga Family

Custom jeweler Mia Nutick, also known as Bauble Yaga.


Yaga is a native of the Pacific Northwest woods and deserts, while her roots spring from the frozen hills of the Ukraine. She is designer and jeweler of all product lines at Yaga's. As Mia Nutick, she is also a writer of fantasy and horror, poetry, non-fiction articles, and critical reviews. Yaga lives in Oregon with Loveday and a group of familiars.


Loveday hails from the heat of the South and is the manager and webmaster for Bauble Yaga's Hut. She works variously in the tech, editing, and medical fields and wears many hats on any given day. Loveday lives in Oregon with Yaga, Thistle, and The Familiars.


Thistle has spent her life touching down around the world before flying off again. She is the photographer and web consultant for Bauble Yaga's. As Pat Kight, she enjoyed two long careers in journalism and web development and is now a full-time print and digital photographer. She lives in Oregon with Loveday and her own familiar, Mojito.


Bianca is a Maine Coone and the senior cat of The Familiars, and assures everyone that she originates from displaced Russian royalty. Millicent is hard-pressed to believe her claims.


Millicent is a Domestic Short-Hair, and the younger of the feline Familiars. Orphaned at an early age, she claims she survived by singing and dancing pretty arabesques on the streets of Paris. Bianca has her own suspicions.

Magick & Luna

Magick and Luna are the canine half of The Familiars. A spry old gent, Magick was with Yaga for over a decade and in general kept her on the crooked path. He went to the Summerland in 2016. Luna is the youngest of the pack and springs from the mountains of Fairyland, where dogs keep watch over herds of cloudsheep.