For spellwork, a night out, or the typical Saturday night coven meet. Reverse painted glass mixed media cabochon sorceress ring in reds and golds.

Kate M. Sorceress Faery Ring

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you put into making the package itself so special. I really appreciated how well protected the jewelry was, too. Oh. My. Goodness. The jewelry is *gorgeous*! I have received so many compliments already, and I have been letting everyone know your website! I hope you get lots of sales. It's truly lovely to wear tiny works of art.

Margaret S. Faery Leaf Earrings

The earrings came Wednesday, a most perfect day for them to arrive. The card inside was a delightful surprise. Love, love, love the earrings.

Red pendant that reads Exotic flower dancing before the real.

Ambrosia R. Exotic Flower Chimera Pendant

My friends and family for whom I bought chimeras last month have been telling me how much they love them! Thanks again.

Fragano L. Corvid Delight Beaded Necklace

Got my "bauble" on time. I'm delighted both with the jewelry and with the quality of service. I cannot praise them anywhere near enough.

Adrienne G. Witchery Chimera Pendant & Beaded Necklace

I got two necklaces for Christmas this year and both are so incredibly perfect. They are well made and beautiful. Thank you so very much.

Erin P. Dismantle Charm Bracelet

Gorgeous bracelet, quick shipping, excellent packaging and communication PLUS an additional gift, also beautiful. Thank you so much! Will be back xoxo

Amanda S. Dismantle Charm Necklace

Received my lovely "Dismantle" necklace, a part of the Representation line in the shop. I'm SO in love, and will be wearing it always. The packaging was so elegant, and it arrived so fast! I will be back for more. Thank you!!

Bridget J. Eldritch Chimera Pendant & Beaded Necklace

I'm so pleased to be giving a home to 'Eldritch' (a beaded necklace with text pendant) and the pendant 'A Language of Beaten Metal'. They arrived promptly, well-packed, and even more gorgeous in-person. I have my eye on a couple more things, Bauble Yaga, you better believe it!

Jennifer L. Bad Love Songs Chimera Pendant

Oh, I am in love with this so much. Given that I've written several faerie tales around the theme of love songs, I knew this was meant for me as soon as I laid eyes on it. Promptest shipping ever. Arrived in perfect condition. Already hoarding my pennies for the next purchase from this shop. Would recommend to everyone I know...and WILL.

Red and black crystal necklace with Witchlike poem pendant.

Samantha H. Witchlike Chimera Pendant & Beaded Necklace

"Witchlike" was a Christmas present for my mother - just so she could have a little extra omf during business meetings. It arrived super-fast, lovely presentation and is even more beautiful than I thought it would be. She loves it!

Are you a Cat Person? This cat ring is for you, in dark and subtle cat colors of shimmering brown and purple. Antiqued bronze over copper.

Kate J. Cleverer Cat Faery Ring

The two pieces I bought were beautiful, my S.O. treasures them. Throughout the International Shipping Saga Volumes 1-3, Bauble Yaga kept me apprised of each step of the package's journey. The gift wrapping and card were perfect. Thank you so much, from both of us.

Yaga's tribute to Rabindrath Tagore, who knew the importance of small lights in the endless night. Cocktail ring in blue and green.

Diane C. Firefly Bones Faery Ring

I did receive the lovely ring and wore it yesterday. The colors are wonderful and it looks like it will hold up even in my hands. Thank you so much, Now I can have fireflies with me all the time.

Ellen E. Custom Chimera Pendant

Beautiful baubles, carefully crafted, speedily sent. Thank you so much!

Pondside Music Faery Chimera Pendant & Beaded Necklace

Beautiful work with great attention to detail! Fat shipping and I couldn't be happier with the entire transaction.

Susan P. Raven & Stone Beaded Necklace

I am thrilled to be the wearer of Yaga's beaded crow-charm necklace. The subtly colored stone beads warm to my skin, and the enameled crow charm reminds me of the friendly neighborhood murder I left behind when I moved away from Portland. I'm just beginning to make friends with the crows in Albuquerque, but they hang out more in the bosque than they do in town. Patience, persistence, and unsalted peanuts in the shell ought to do the trick.

Merav H. Liminal Space Chimera Pendant


Purple and pink crystal necklace.

Danessa S. Dare To Chimera Pendant & Beaded Necklace

Shipping was super quick, beautiful wrapping and presentation! Honestly, the pictures on the website don't capture how stunning these are in person. Very happy customer.

Our bee charmers will love the soft, molten gold of this hand-painted glass pendant that covers the just-visible honeycomb print.

Mary M. Bee Witching Chimera Pendant & Chain

Lovely jewelry, artful and considerate packaging. Absolutely love my necklaces!

Sue T. Seeds & Bones Chimera Pendant

Most delicious words... I have "Wake up - you are the seeds and bones of the sun" hanging over my desk, reminding me to be extraordinary, every day... there's something elementally true in this work, I just love it.

Jennifer N. Nepenthe Chimera Pendant & Chain

I snagged Nepenthe! It got to Germany surprisingly fast. (Though, heads up they have dropped the limit on the amount you can have shipped without paying customs and with a 30$ pendant you will pay Zoll.) Cute little box tied with ribbons, and the gorgeous necklace inside! ♥ Love it to bits!

Bridget J. Believe In The Monster Chimera Pendant

The chimera pendant 'believe in the monster' has seen regular wear since it came home with me, as has 'a collector of pretty words'. I also purchased 'i believe', which is, as so many of Yaga's treasures, even more beautiful in person, and a fourth pendant as a gift (princesses and once-upon-a-times)... if I can bear to part with it. I'll let you know. I cannot tell you what a joy it was to visit The Hut in-person. There was much tea. And THEN to have a private show & sale? Wheee!!!

Kate J. Witchery Chimera Pendant & Beaded Necklace

I sent "witchery" to my girlfriend for Mandatory Midwinter Festivities. She -loves- it. Shipping to Canada was redonculously slow, but the Yagas kept me updated with as much tracer information as they could. The gift wrapping and card were both gorgeous. Thank you so much!
pagan jewelry

Kimberly B. Womensgate & Changeling Chimera Pendants

I got Changeling and Women's Gate and they are both lovely! Much prettier in person. They came incredibly fast and there was a bonus pendant, Faery calls! Plus the box was very lovingly wrapped. Would definitely recommend.